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2. Preliminary Setup — PhotoMiroir documentation

2. Preliminary Setup

2.1. Plugging the PhotoMiroir

Sim­ply plug the po­wer line in the mi­cro-­USB port and the ca­me­ra cable in one of the four USB port.

En­sure that the mi­cro-­SD card is ful­ly in­ser­ted.

2.2. Wifi Setup

This sec­tion des­cribe how you can set up the Pho­to­Mi­roir to connect to your ­lo­cal wi­fi.

2.2.1. Via the PhotoMiroir own wifi

The PhotoMiroir enables a local wifi network on which you can connect. Once the PhotoMiroir is started, you connect your computer or your phone on the wifi network whose name (SSID) is Pho­to­Mi­roir.

Then, you can use any web brow­ser to na­vi­gate to http://­pho­to­mi­roir.­fr and ­click on the ad­min link in or­der to ac­cess a confi­gu­ra­tion page al­lo­wing you ­to change the wi­fi confi­gu­ra­tion.

On the confi­gu­ra­tion page (see Fig. 2.1), click on the Sys­tem and Net­work Confi­gu­ra­tion link ❹:

Admin page

Fig. 2.1 Ad­­min page

And then fill in the host_s­sid and host_­wi­fi_­pass fields with the name and the password of the wifi network you want the PhotoMiroir to connect (see Fig. 2.2).

Change wifi configuration

Fig. 2.2 Change wi­­fi confi­­gu­­ra­­tion

2.2.2. Via PhotoMiroir micro-SD Card

  • Put the SD card in ano­­ther com­­pu­­ter.

  • En­­sure that the smal­­lest par­­ti­­tion is moun­­ted.

  • Add a file na­med wi­­fi.­­conf in­to this par­ti­tion. This file shall contain your wi­fi confi­gu­ra­tion ac­cor­ding to the fol­lo­wing for­mat:

        ssid="S­SID NA­ME" 
        psk="pass­word string" 
  • Un­­mount the SD card and in­­sert it in the Pho­­to­­Mi­­roir .

  • Plug the Pho­­to­­Mi­­roir. It then shall be avai­­lable on your net­­work.

2.3. Getting the local IP address

Once the wifi is configured as described in Wi­fi Se­tup, you can see the Photomiroir IP address on the local network by first connecting to once connected to the Pho­to­Mi­roir wifi.

The top of the page will show something like (LAN IP : You can then connect to the Photomiroir via you local network simply by using (replace with the address shown on your Photomiroir).