Street photos — « Carnaval de La-Tour-d’Aigues »

I fi­­nal­­ly   de­­ci­­ded   to pu­­bli­­sh  some of my   pho­­to­s.

As I need to sort a lot of them,  I star­­ted with   those al­­rea­­dy  online and   whi­­ch, being   ta­­ken   while   a pu­­blic event,   are pu­­bli­­shable   wi­­thout   as­­king too ma­­ny   ques­­tions …


These pho­­­tos   are pu­­­bli­­­shed un­­­der   the   cc-­­by-­­sa   li­­cense, which al­­lows them to  be reu­­­sed   pro­­­vi­­­ded   they are at­­­tri­­­bu­­­ted to my­­­self and that any  re­­­dis­­­tri­­­bu­­­tion being done un­­­der the same li­­­cenceI   em­­­pha­­­zise   this be­­­cause   I had the great   plea­­­sure to find   these pho­­­tos   in the muni­­­ci­­­pa­­­li­­­ty news­­­pa­­­per,   un­­­for­­­tu­­­na­­­te­­­ly wi­­­thout   any re­­­fe­­­rence to   the source of the  pho­­­to­s…


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